Sunday, June 3, 2012

Writers' resources (helpful material)

[Of course, there’s a great deal of material available online (I found thousands of videos and links to plain text), but I’m posting some that I genuinely found useful. I think you might too.]

Writing a short story

Storyboarding (short story/novel)

Another representation of the eight-point arc (very nicely explained):

Voice in fiction (oh, the ‘elusive’ voice!): Writing with Rhythm: 

Things to keep in mind (common mistakes):

Storytelling: theory and practice (a rather long-ish video, but a very nice one. J If you don’t want to watch the entire thing, just watch the first ten minutes):

Ten rules from famous writers:

Being a good writer (very important indeed!):

Some other helpful links (The Guardian):

Ten rules for writing fiction:

Exercises for writers (writer Rimi B Chatterjee’s blog)

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