Thursday, March 11, 2010

The small gods

It's strange really what some denizens of the literary-glitterary world, the most educated of our lot; the literate, polished, sophisticated, intellectual elite of our society -- the sensitive, perceptive, awe-inspiring trend setters -- have become.

They have become big. Too big to register the fellow, ordinary human beings around them; too big to notice a friendly smile, an extended hand, a warm hello; too big to remember the basics of good manners they were probably taught in whatever schools they went to(oh, but they must've been to the best!) .

They are big. So big that they are beyond good manners; beyond any 'please' and 'thank you'; beyond humilty and grace. They are the small gods of their own worlds, and nobody else has a place in their scheme of things.

And then they write papers, rue the lack of finesse in people, and tut-tut about dying humanity.


  1. So true, but sadly, incorrigible. :(

  2. :) this reminded me of a piece on Ken Follet in The Daily Telegraph -